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How Your Child Can Create a Montessori Masterpiece
This child-led activity exposes young people to great works of art, enhances fine motor skills, stimulates free expression, and lays the foundation of new skills. Through engaging with art, we connect with history, culture, and our bodies/senses.
5 Tips for Infant Care in Winter
As families continue to hunker down with indoor activities, here are some considerations for your home and accomodating for winter weather with your infant.
5 Indoor Activities to Hone Toddler Skills
Is your home supporting or hindering your child's learning? Here are five tips on incorporating Montessori principles into your home!
6 Ways to Encourage Early Speech & Reading Skills with Montessori 3-Part Cards
Nomenclature cards are a wonderful way to make learning to identify new object and words fun for preschool children. This blog shows you how to use them and gives you a free printable set to get started.
It Starts with Respect
A common question I get when being interviewed by the media is, “What is Montessori?” sometimes followed by, “Can you sum up Montessori in one word?”