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05.12.22 05:18 AM Comment(s)

Author: Larry Shiller    

A common question I get when being interviewed by the media is, “What is Montessori?” sometimes followed by, “Can you sum up Montessori in one word?”

Channeling Aretha Franklin, It didn’t take me long to come up with that word: R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Something the world could use more of. Something that parents want to build and foster in both themselves and their children.

But does the world really need another resource guide?

In a word, yes. Here’s why:

Today’s parents take their job especially seriously because of several existential threats facing humanity: climate change, threat of nuclear war, epidemics, and the rise of world-wide anti-democratic authoritarianism, to name a few.

You might be surprised to learn that I’m not a gloom-and-doomer. In fact, I’m an optimist. With lots of good company, namely, parents, who are building a better world one child at a time.

Today’s parents are the ones who will save humanity by bringing up children who will treat themselves, each other, and the environment with respect.

Our goal is to bring them tools to do that with excellence.

Montessori philosophy and tools provide a road map that brings respect into our families and communities. Affectionately named Froggy’s, this resource guide is unique because it brings together in one place vetted Montessori resources to empower parents and their children.

I hope you enjoy perusing and sharing Froggy’s with as much fun and excitement we had putting it together.

With warm regards and the utmost respect for today’s parents, 

Larry Shiller, Publisher
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