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Larry Shiller

Executive Director

Olivia Shiller

Co-Development Director

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Co-Development Director

Do you have a story to tell?

Would you like to be featured in Froggy's Montessori Family Resource Guide, Wisdom from the Pond parent coaching emails, or the Rising Stars parenting blog? We are honored to feature positive parenting influencers and tools that make parents' lives easier. Our carefully vetted resources are:

  • Reasonably priced & a good value
  • Family oriented versus institutionally oriented
  • Successful track record or expectation of one
  • Consistent with Montessori principles and philosophy
  • Meets our ethical/philosophical standards

You CAN change the world! 


Any amount can help bring Montessori into every home, regardless of socio-economic status.


Put your talent to work making the world a better place with your area of expertise, fundraising, behind-the-scenes work, or youth tutoring in the Houston area.