5 Indoor Activities to Hone Toddler Skills

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02.01.23 06:15 AM Comment(s)

Author: Isabel Sosa Whitelaw

Stuck inside more this winter? 

Here are five ideas to keep your toddler busy and build new skills!


Toddlers and preschool children are eager to refine their skills, so the best activities enable them to mirror your day-to-day actions. One tell-tale sign that your child is enjoying them self is repetition. Pick a new skill to offer to your child, and watch as they practice and repeat until they are ready to try something else!


Remember to demonstrate the action to your child first, then offer for them to try. They want to mirror your behavior, so be patient. Here are five ideas of activities for your budding mini-me:


- Set the table. They may be particularly interested in one facet of this activity, so if they decide that they want to fold and refold the napkins over and over again, let them!


- Load the washer and dryer. Take care with each piece of clothing and put everything in one by one instead of tossing it all in. Sorting by color is a concept even infants catch onto pretty quickly.


- Use a spoon and two bowls to practice scooping. You can fill the bowl with dried oats, uncooked rice, dried beans, etc. Practice scooping the oats from one bowl into another and then back again. If you spill even just a couple of grains, stop and clean up before continuing to spoon more. This models the care you would like your child to take in the process.


- Spread jam on toast. You can use any spreadable condiment you like. Let your toddler help you make PB & J's for the whole family by using a dull knife to spread.


- Rinse apples. Help your child wash apples or any winter fruit with a strainer in the sink.


Relax and have find joy in simple daily tasks with your child this winter!!
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