Enjoy Montessori in Nature with your child

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Enjoy Montessori in Nature with your child

Connecting with nature is a fundamental tenant of Montessori education. Bringing the outdoors into the home is a wonderful way to encourage children to learn, explore, and nurture nature. There are ways to incorporate nature into your child's life whether you live somewhere rural, suburban, or even in a city! Here are four ways that you can connect your children with nature:


  1. Go on a nature walk. You could visit local parks or nature reserves and observe the flora and fauna there. Encourage your child's natural inclination towards curiosity by picking up interesting stones and leaves for them to handle and appreciate. 

  2. Create a nature table: A nature table is a designated space where children can display their loot from nature walks and outdoor adventures. It could be seashells, rocks, sticks, anything that is safe for them to handle and that caught their eye. Let them curate their nature table and share it with the family to admire - this will instill a sense of pride and accomplishment within your child!

  3. Consider planting a garden. Growing plants is the perfect way to teach your children about the life cycle of living things. It also provides opportunities for them to take responsibility and care for the growth of another living being. If you have a backyard you could have your child help you plant, water, and harvest depending on their age. If you live somewhere where a garden is not possible, you could also buy houseplant seedlings for your child to tend to. 

  4. Incorporate natural materials into play-time. There are thousands of wonderful Montessori-based resources that are made of natural materials such as wood, wool, and cotton for purchase. These toys and educational materials are wonderful for allowing children to engage with sensory-rich and sustainable materials. 


Getting your child outdoors at a young age has the potential to spark a life-long appreciation for the natural world. Whenever you have the opportunity, take your child outside and watch how they flourish!

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